It now pays to go GREEN!

The greatest contributor to energy costs in an average household are heating and hot water, this account’s for around 89% of energy consumption. There are many things you can do to reduce energy bills such as insulating your home and replacing old inefficient boilers. However, with escalating fossil fuel prices it’s still very concerning how much our bills will continue to rise. There is an ECO friendly green option that not only reduces energy bills but it now pays to go green!

Biomass Renewable Energy

Biomass heating systems work by burning renewable fuel such as locally produced wood pellet, chips or logs. These boilers are designed to provide heat using an existing ‘wet system’ (eg through radiators) and provide hot water to a home.

At first glance the idea of burning wood does not seem like a “Green” solution, however burning Biomass fuel creates a carbon cycle and removes the need for burning Fossil fuels. When we burn Fossil fuels, large carbon stores are removed from the earth and pumped into the atmosphere. This raises the level of C02 and increases global warming. When we burn Biomass fuel we release the same amount of CO2 which was absorbed from the atmosphere by the plant. It also releases the same amount of C02 as would be released through a natural cycle of decay.


Biomass boilers are becoming an extremely viable option and investment since the government’s recent announcement of The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. This is a financial incentive to encourage the uptake of renewable energy products. Quite literally home owners are now being paid to go green in an effort by the government to create a sustainable future using renewable energy over fossil fuels, and reduce the UK’s Carbon footprint to meet EU targets.

Off grid properties benefit the most, however Biomass isn’t limited to just off grid. Anyone can apply from homeowners, private, social, landlords and people that build their own homes are eligible for the RHI scheme, and there is also a commercial tariff for businesses such as golf clubs, garden centres, farmers, new build developers etc.

This is a major step forward in creating a greener planet, ensuring we progress away from fossil fuels and into a new era. There has never been a better time to go green!


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