Grant SpiraVAC vacuum system

The Grant SpiraVAC vacuum system quickly and conveniently moves wood pellets from a Grant store to the Spira boiler hopper without the need for an external feed auger.

After every bulk pellet delivery, customers can be confident that their wood pellet boiler will be continuously fed with enough fuel for several months of routine operation. The system consists of a cyclone unit and a separate auger vacuum unit on the bulk store, connected by 2 flexible hoses.

  • Simple to install
  • Available with 5 – 20 metre hose length
  • Gives more flexibility with boiler installation
  • Lifts pellets up to a height of 3 metres
  • Can be retrofitted to an existing hopper
  • Maximum hose length of 20 metres
  • Designed and manufactured by Grant
  • Only for use with the Grant Spira boilers


Grant Spira VAC Vacuum System


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