Worcester Bosch System Gas Boilers

A Worcester Bosch system gas boiler heats your central heating system directly and produces hot water for your cylinder.  A Worcester Bosch system gas boiler, just like a regular Worcester Bosch conventional boiler works on the principle of stored hot water. The CDI and I range of boilers are a great choice, and Heppelthwaite the Red Van Plumbers will be able to advise if this is a good option for your home.

Worcester Bosch Classic System Boilers

Range CDI: The Greenstar 30CDi Classic System boiler is the top Worcester performing system boiler. It’s suited to bigger properties with a larger heating requirement. The boiler is compatible with a wide range of optional controls, offering you superb flexibility with your heating and hot water times and temperatures. The Greenstar CDi Classic System boiler offers the ultimate in energy savings when combined with new generation intelligent controls and a Greenskies solar water heating panels.

Range i: Greenstar i System boilers are a good option for small to medium sized properties. They have compact dimensions which means that they can be installed in a variety of places. The Greenstar i System boilers are used with heating systems that include stored hot water in a cylinder. These boilers are also compatible with a wide range of optional digital controls

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The Red Van Plumbers offer:

  • Up to 10 years warranty
  • 0% Finance (available on request)
  • 1 year workmanship guarantee
  • Dedicated aftercare support
  • 10% discount for all future services
  • Boiler service reminder

30i Classic System Boiler


27i Classic System Boiler


24i Classic System Boiler


21i Classic System Boiler


18i Classic System Boiler


15i Classic System Boiler


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