Central Heating Powerflush

You may ask does my central heating system require a Powerflush? Well, over time some heating systems may experience poor circulation resulting in lukewarm radiators, poor hot water, increased noise and sludge build up. This poor circulation can be caused by a number of issues, including rust and sludge build-up (especially in hard-water areas). It is similar to scale build-ups you may experience in your kettle.


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What is a Powerflush

A central heating power flush is done under high pressure and can move the sludge so that it can be filtered out. The powerflush will remove most of the sludge and improve the systems flow, however not all sludge will be removed depending of the age of the system. In some cases a powerflush is essential when replacing a boiler or main components like a damaged heat exchanger as it’s possible the damage was done due to sludge build-up, so simply replacing these items would not fix the problem. If the sludge isn’t removed then the problem will just return when you have your nice new boiler installed.

How to tell if you need a Powerflush

  • If your radiators are cold at the bottom, they have have sludge build up, stopping hot water from accessing this area.
  • If your radiators are cold at the top, they may have a gas build up, which again stops hot water from accessing the area.
  • If your radiators care cold all over, sludge in the pipes may be restricting hot water access.
  • If your hot water has stopped flowing well, there may be sludge build up in the pipes.
  • If your boiler is cutting out, the pump may be blocked by sludge.
  • If strange noises are coming from your boiler, it may be an indicator of sludge related problems.

By power flushing a system that has residue build up, you should increase radiator and general hot water performance, which results in lower utility bills and increased peace of mind. Also by ‘power flushing’ your heating system, the sludge and built up residue will be removed via inline magnetic filtration, it will make your system work more efficiently. You may also want to consider a boiler service too?

central heating power flush central heating power flush

How to prevent having a central heating powerflush?

There are products that can be installed to prevent your system getting to the stage of needing a power flush, a Magnaclean.

A Magnaclean helps to protect central heating systems and boilers against damaging black sludge, this ‘black sludge’ is formed from a natural build-up of black iron oxide which will quickly impair heating system performance, eventually causing boiler damage or breakdown which could prove to be expensive to repair. Read more

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Central Heating Powerflush July 10, 2014