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A Combimate is product that prevents the formation of limescale, it is plumbed directly on the cold water supply to the property or appliance to protect the hot water system. Combimate provides pipe protection, appliance protection and boiler protection. Our clients can benefit from a professional combimate installation with Heppelthwaite the Red Van Plumbers.
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It’s a polyphosphate scale inhibitor

As mains water flows through the Combimate, the water comes into contact with Combiphos. The phosphate within Combiphos coats the inside pipework, boiler heat exchanger and appliances with a protective coating to prevent scale-causing minerals from accumulating and aggressive soft water from corroding the system and appliances.

This limescale protection action prevents the formation of scale while retaining the health benefits of the natural minerals contained in hard water.

Unlike other limescale prevention systems such as magnetic, electrolytic or electronic limescale inhibitors, a Combimate is designed to ensure that all of the incoming water flowing through the unit comes into contact with the Combiphos. This process ensures a consistent level of phosphate dosing is maintained.

It is a user-friendly product and easy to maintain. When the Combiphos need replacing the shut-off valves automatically stop the water flow when the cover is removed, the Combiphos can then be refilled through a simple screw-fit cap.


Money saving

  • Combimate has a low purchase cost
  • Ensures your water heating system efficiency is maintained
  • Keeps energy costs down
  • Avoid expensive repairs / replacement of boilers and water fittings
  • Removes need for chemical de-scaling products


  • Protects domestic water systems against hard water limescale and soft water corrosion
  • Extends the life of your water installation
  • Helps maintain your home’s energy efficiency
  • Avoids the time & labour of removing stubborn scale


  • Compact size – easy to locate without losing precious space
  • Configuration options – easy fitment to nearly any pipe configuration
  • Simple compression fittings – clearly marked inlet and outlets with interchangeable fittings
  • 15mm or 22m fittings – Combimate models are available in both of these popular sizes
  • Once installed theres no electrics or drainage required so no need for an electrician or additional plumbing
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What is Combiphos?

The crystal spheres used inside the Combimate unit are called Combiphos, it is a harmless food grade polyphosphate compound that when added to water prevents scale and stops corrosion. It achieves this by inhibiting the deposition of scale onto metallic surfaces. Combiphos also prevents corrosion by forming a thin protective layer on metal surfaces such as pipes or components like a heat exchanger for example.

The Combiphos is great for preventing limescale build up but it won’t remove limescale if it already exists within the system. To stop limescale getting any worse or forming in the first place, a Combimate is a good option.

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Water Treatment Explained

Water Softeners – A water softener is a mechanical device which removes the chemicals in hard water areas which cause scaling. These devices turn hard water to soft water.

Scale Prevention – These prevent chemicals depositing themselves inside pipes, tanks and shower heads. Products such as a Combimate are devices that use chemical, electrolytic or magnetic methods to prevent build up.

Water Filter – These are mainly filters that remove bacteria, chlorine and pesticide residues.The products are drinking water filters such as the handheld container / jug types.

Combimate Installation Costs

A Combimate installation will cost approx £340+VAT. The price could vary slightly depending on your central heating set up so please contact us for further advice.

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