Heating Controls

Upgrading your home’s heating controls has a number of energy saving benefits. By having greater control over when your heating and hot water switches on and off, as well as regulating the temperature of each room, you can create an environment that is efficient, automated, and most importantly, comfortable. Even newer homes can benefit from up to date heating controls; if your heating system is over 12 years old, it could be worth upgradingyour controls.


Upgraded Heating Control Benefits

  • Heating systems are totally automated
  • Heating systems are efficient (only on when you want them to be), saving energy costs
  • Heating stops when rooms meet heat threshold, minimising wasted energy and associated costs
  • Increased efficiency reduces a property’s carbon footprint
  • Heating can be controlled at individual room level with thermostatic valves, meaning the heating can cater for all requirements within the household

Annual Savings with Electronic Heating Controls

A UK home with contemporary heating controls (room thermostat, cylinder thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves) can save 450kg CO2 per year, amounting to savings of £50. Heating controls benefit your energy bills as well as the environment.

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To discover more on heating controls, why not check out the below options. Here we explain how these systems work, the different product types and other usefully information.

Smart Controls

Standard Controls

Radiator heating control

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