Oil Boiler Service

A regular oil boiler service will help maintain the boilers efficiency and help prevent unwanted repair bills.

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Why have an oil boiler service?

A regular oil boiler service may seem like an unwanted expense. However, the damage that a malfunctioning and poorly maintained boiler can do to your property would be much higher, furthermore the cost of a replacement boiler isn’t cheap.

Benefits of servicing an oil boiler:

Protect your home from poisonous carbon monoxide.

An unserviced boiler may reduce the boilers performance.

Help prevent breakdowns and unwanted repair bills.

Prolong the life of the boiler and avoid having to replace it.

To validate the boiler warranty.


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What's involved in an oil boiler service?

There are many different types of oil boilers so not all boiler services are the same. Our customer’s benefit from a comprehensive service by experienced and qualified oil engineers. We always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. You should expect the following from a service:


Appliances should be inspected, cleaned and components replaced if required.


For safety reasons it is important to check for dangers, such as carbon monoxide.


Oil tanks and supply pipes should be visually checked for water contamination and oil leaks.


To ensure that the oil boiler is performing efficiently with no obvious defects.


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Why use Heppelthwaite?

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Our customers benefit from our transparent pricing and no hidden extras. We also invoice after the work is complete for your own peace of mind. If parts are required, then we always advise why and provide a quote. Only on the customer’s approval do we then proceed. Furthermore, customers benefit from our specialist oil engineers who are friendly, experienced and fully qualified.

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