Hazlemere Golf Club Go Green

Hazlemere Golf Club have gone green and are leading the way in green technology by using renewable energy to provide heating to the club house.

The Golf Club is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the heart of the Chiltern Hills of South Buckinghamshire, close to Beaconsfield and High Wycombe, and just under 30 miles from Central London. The 18 hole golf course is home to the magnificent red kites that soar above and an abundance of other wild life often seen by members and visitors from around the world. The view from the club house and around the course are truly breathtaking all year round.

Hazlemere Golf Club Go Green. Heppelthwaite green building solutions. Heppelthwaite the red van plumbers. OkoFen Biomass Hazlemere Golf Club Go Green  Hazlemere Golf Club Go Green. Heppelthwaite green building solutions. Heppelthwaite the red van plumbers. OkoFen Biomass

With Hazlemere Golf club nesting in an area of such natural beauty and being conscious of the variety of wildlife populating this area, the Club was looking at how to reduce its carbon footprint and become greener. An obvious choice was to seek a more sustainable and green energy source to replace the expensive to run and non-eco-friendly oil central heating system. However, it was also vital that any green solution would have to deliver the same standard of heating to the thousands of visitors that use the facility over the year. To ensure this the Club sought the professional help and guidance of our Renewable Energy Division Heppelthwaite Green Building Solutions.

Following consultations between Hazlemere Golf Club and Heppelthwaite covering everything from system requirements and storage, to costs, legal requirements and planning permission, it was agreed that the best possible green solution to replace the old oil system would be a biomass woodpellet system.  Biomass provides heating and hot water, with a clean, sustainable fuel eliminating the requirement for non-replaceable fossil fuels. These Biomass boilers burn wood pellets generated from wood waste and trees harvested to produce pellets, which creates an environmentally friendly carbon cycle.

Hazlemere Golf Club proceeded with Heppelthwaite Green Building Solutions and a Okofen PES 56KW boiler and Flexiol storage unit were installed into a newly erected shed at the side of the building.

General Manager Chris Mahoney advised that “Hazlemere Golf Club decided to move to Biomass technology for its new boiler for two reasons: firstly the green credentials of Biomass Technology are consistent with our management of our Golf Course; and secondly we anticipate a significant reduction in running cost that will enable us to invest more in our Golf Course and Club House. We are a very busy Golf Club and Function Centre, our bars and conferencing rooms enjoy the spectacular views over our Golf Course, due to the prevailing winds it is vital that our heating system consistently provides a comfortable environment for our members and guests. Throughout our review process Heppelthwaite provided a very professional service and were the obvious partner to move forward with. For reasons outside of our control the boiler had to be installed in January when we only had a small window of opportunity for the installation to take place, again Heppelthwaite’s professionalism in the way they managed and installed the new boiler ensured that there was no negative impact on our business”.

The Government recognises the benefits of Biomass Heating systems and to encourage the uptake of installations offer generous payments through the Ofgem ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ (RHI) scheme. This means that not only has Hazlemere Golf Club improved their heating system and reduced their carbon footprint but they will also benefit financially by reducing maintenance costs, plus the added bonus of annual cash returns from a commercial tariff of 20 years.

Jamie Howard of Heppelthwaite advised “Modern Biomass boilers are almost completely automated. They light, feed and even clean themselves, requiring only an annual service. Fully integrated electronic heating controls run the heating and hot water just as a conventional system. Not only do biomass boilers save money and reduce the customers carbon footprint but at the moment customers can also take advantage of cash returns via the RHI Scheme”


OkoFen Biomass Boiler installed by Heppelthwaite Green Building Solutions at Hazlemere Golf Club.

Hazlemere golf club go green. okofen biomass boiler. Heppelthwaite green building solutions. heppelthwaite the red van plumbers Hazlemere golf club go green. okofen biomass boiler. Heppelthwaite green building solutions. heppelthwaite the red van plumbers  Hazemere Gold Club 2Hazlemere golf club go green. okofen biomass boiler. Heppelthwaite green building solutions. heppelthwaite the red van plumbers

Hazlemere Golf Club Go Green    Hazlemere Golf Club Go Green




Hazlemere Golf Club Go Green 2

The Pellematic Maxi builds on the proven technology of the Pellematic series and brings it to a powerful 56 kilowatt boiler, suitable for use in commercial and industrial settings, for local authorities and in large-scale projects. Not only is it big on output, but the Pellematic Maxi ticks all of the boxes for features too, including a weighing system to monitor pellet consumption, a remote monitor with automatic notification for re-ordering pellet supplies and the compact ash box supplied as standard.

Big benefits

  • Heating output up to 56kW flexibly variable
  • Expandable in cascade mode up to 224 kW
  • Fits through every standard door, avoids conversions
  • Easy to maintain and extremely convenient


Hazlemere Golf Club Go Green

ÖkoFEN supplies a range of ready-made Flexilo fabric tanks in various sizes, where wood pellets can be stored in a way that makes the best use of space and protects them from moisture.  A total of 40 sizes are available, with a capacity ranging from 450kg to 12 tonnes. These include the Flexilo Compact, which boasts a much greater capacity than the standard model for the same size. With a ceiling height of only two metres you can accommodate up to 6.5 tonnes of pellets. An integral auger feeder and a flexible sloping floor design ensures the tank can be emptied completely.

Small storage space

  • Special antistatic textile material, very strong, wire-reinforced
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Economical
  • Flexible
  • Support frame of laminated timber
  • Can be installed outdoors if protected from rain and UV




Heppelthwaite Green Building Solutions is part of the Evans Group , a family business that provides the complete plumbing and heating service. If you’re interested in a renewable energy central heating system then please contact Jamie Howard on 01628 533 550 or via e-mail at jamie.howard@heppelthwaite.co.uk. For further information on our renewable energy services please visit – http://www.redvanplumbers.co.uk/renewable-energy/

Hazlemere Golf Club is a modern forward looking members’ club that welcomes visitors and has a well deserved reputation for being ‘The Friendly Club’.   In addition to the Men’s and Ladies’ Sections there are three other very active Sections – Veterans’, Lady Veterans’ and Junior Sections.  The Club also run a number of Mixed Fun Competitions throughout the year and these are great social events. For further information please visit – www.hazlemeregolfclub.co.uk/

ÖkoFEN is Europe’s specialist in pellet heating systems, with a modern production facility and several hundred employees throughout Europe. ÖkoFEN has also paved the way for pellet heating technology beyond the borders of German-speaking countries. 50,000 installed systems, subsidiaries in 17 countries worldwide, and ground breaking innovations justify the decision to specialise in pellets. UK distributor http://www.organicenergy.co.uk

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Hazlemere Golf Club Go Green March 10, 2015