Insulation is one of the most cost-efficient and straightforward methods of reducing energy consumption, all the while minimising utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Based on the scientific principles of rising heat, insulation is typically encouraged in the roof of your home to trap the heat that often escapes. As much as a quarter of all energy produced in the home is lost through the roof, and insulation is one step closer towards maximising your heat/cost efficiency.

Property walls are another common source of dissipating heat, and a standard setup of cavity wall insulation will ensure your energy losses are kept to a minimum. Windowless walls are relatively straightforward to insulate, but for those with large windows or multiple access points, energy efficient glazing is another great alternative for home insulation.

Improving the energy efficiency of your windows can also reduce draughts and cold spots, which are common throughout buildings in the UK. The principles of draught-proofing apply to doors as well as windows, which is still one of the most simple and effective methods of reducing energy bills.

To reduce energy loss from systems such as heating and water, home owners can insulate their cylinders and pipe works to maximise the energy efficiency of their property.


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