OkoFen Biomass Boilers

The Red Van Plumbers specialize in the installation of Renewable Energy Solutions and have partnered OkoFEN as one of our preferred suppliers. Based on experience and knowledge we offer the best “solution” to fit our customer requirements. We are not exclusively contracted to any brand but we do have preferred manufactures based on quality and reliability. If we install and supply a system it’s to provide 100% customer satisfaction. OkoFen Biomass boilers are a premier manufacture.

About OkoFEN 

In 1997 ÖkoFEN produced the first pellet heating system, the beginning of their success story. The Pellematic pellet boiler system uses technology that has been tried and tested over years, impressing with both total reliability and highest quality workmanship.  ÖkoFEN only makes wood pellet boilers. This means they have a specialist knowledge that supports constant innovation, such as the first pellet boiler tested to independent standards, condensing technology for pellets and a combined solar/pellet system for new buildings.

Pellematic heating systems are both flexible and adaptable. If you add an extension that requires extra heating, or your insulation is enhanced, a Pellematic boiler can adapt to this with only minor adjustments, ensuring the perfect amount of heat is always available.

Years of experience and feedback from customers means that OkoFEN are constantly developing their pellet boiler
systems. The unique ash box is a great example of this. All of the ash produced collects in an easily removable ash box, from which it can be disposed of in a completely dust-free manner

Pellet boiler systems from ÖkoFEN are always at the cutting edge of technology. engineers are focused on continuous technological advancement which has led to breakthroughs in optimised combustion, efficient condensing technology and user-friendly systems like the Pelletronic Touch heating controller.

OkoFEN provide high end solutions and do not cut corners in product designs.


Please check out the OfoFEN range below:

Pellematic Heating


Pellematic Plus

Pellematic Smart

Pellematic Maxi

Pellematic Controls

Pelletronic Touch

Storage Solutions

Flexilo Compact

Flexilo Pellet Silo

Wood Pellet Store Room

Energy Box


OfoFEN’s official website – http://www.okofen.co.uk


new build contracts

new build contracts

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