The OkoFEN Pellematic boiler is where it all began. When it was launched in 1997 it was the first type-approved, fully automatic pellet boiler on the market. It was a pioneering invention at the time and has continued to be enhanced and refined to the finely tuned performer it is today, making it the perfect choice for anyone who is modernising a property or replacing their existing boiler.

Pellematic Pellet boiler

Modern heating technology saves energy

  • Almost 90% of household energy costs arise from heating and domestic hot water.
  • With the ÖkoFEN Pellematic, your heating is highly efficient and economical.

The efficiency of an OkoFEN wood pellet boiler ensures you can make savings where it matters most.

Flexible modulation to the needs

The performance of the Pellematic is tailored precisely to your needs and if those needs change, through alteration or improvement to your home, it can easily adapt with you. You continue to enjoy low pellet consumption and perfect performance from a fully optimised boiler.

Power ratings of our pellet boilers

The Pellematic pellet boiler is available in the following power ratings:

  • 10 kW
  • 12 kW
  • 15 kW
  • 20 kW
  • 25 kW
  • 32 kW

Official Website – http://www.okofen.co.uk/en/pellematic/

OkoFEN Pellematic Boiler

OkoFEN Pellematic Boiler

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