PELLEMATIC® PLUS – fuel saving heating

Pellematic Plus Energiesparheizung

Condensing technology:
How does it work?

Modern condensing boilers make use of the heat contained in the flue gas. This gas is cooled to the point where the water vapour it holds condenses (returns to being liquid).

The left over heat is then fed back into the heating system, increasing the efficiency of the boiler and reducing fuel use.

A Pellematic Plus wood pellet boiler pays immediate dividends in your home.


Innovative condensing technology in the Pellematic Plus makes it an exceedingly efficient wood pellet boiler which can boost fuel savings by up to 12 per cent over non-condensing versions. A boost for your finances and the environment alike.

The Pellematic Plus takes the concept of an energy-saving heating system to its extreme, combining all of the benefits of the Pellematic pellet boiler with the addition of a carbon heat exchanger allowing the boiler to turn what would otherwise be wasted heat into usable energy.

Power ratings of our wood pellet boilers

The Pellematic Plus fuel saving heating with condensing technology is available in the following power ratings:

  • 10 kW
  • 12 kW
  • 15 kW
  • 20 kW
  • 25 kW
  • 32 kW

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