OkoFen wood Pellet storage room

Matching OkoFen innovative boilers to the best possible storage solutions has been part of ÖkoFEN’s focus from the beginning. This means Okofen have unrivalled know-how and an unsurpassed range of solutions for adapting cellars and other rooms for pellet storage.


Is your cellar
a suitable storage room?

  • Pay attention to the room dimensions and the distance from the boiler
  • Dampness and moisture make pellets unusable
  • Ensure complete emptying with a sloping flow

OkoFen can provide advice on every aspect of storage, from the correct amount of space for your system through to all-inclusive solutions with bespoke floor plans and automated pellet transport to the boiler.

Pellet storage room requirements

Rectangular and narrow rooms are of advantage to be used for pellets storage. A sloping floor ensures complete emptying of the storage room. Dry indoor conditions are a prerequisite, since the pellets would swell and became useless in contact with damp walls

Official website – http://www.okofen.co.uk/en/storageroom/

OkoFEN Wood Pellet Storage Room

OkoFEN Wood Pellet Storage Room

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