Rainwater Harvesting Systems

The Red Van Plumbers supply a wide range of water collection devices to help save you money, through our sister company, Eveco. Officially called ‘Rainwater Harvesting’, a large tank is used to collect water that lands on your home which would normally otherwise be drained away. Water can also be collected from sinks and baths (called ‘grey water’), which is then used for garden watering and toilet flushing.

The two types of system available are ‘Above Ground’, and ‘Below Ground’. Above ground kits are perfect for homes with limited space, and are generally cheaper to install. Below ground kits are perfect for homes that do not want the visual impact of an exposed rainwater tank on their property. Below ground systems benefit from greater system compatibility.


The Benefits of rainwater Harvesting

  • Reduced water bills
  • Low installation costs
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Reduced reliance on the national grid

A typical savings example

A UK home with a 2700Ltr collection tank that recycles water for the garden, toilets and washing machine, can expect to save over 82,000 litres of water a year, amounting to annual savings of £156.

For a free estimate and for more information on our water collection systems, please visit our sister site at www.evecosolutions.co.uk.