Coronavirus: Traders Entering Your Home Safely

Coronavirus has thrown a spanner in the works! Excuse the pun. So, what steps should be followed if you need a tradesperson to enter your home?
There are many circumstances when inviting someone into your home is unavoidable, for example, if you experience a plumbing or heating problem. Furthermore, as homeowners are stuck at home for longer periods of time, there is a greater need to have their gas appliances running safely and efficiently. Additionally, many homeowners are upgrading old, inefficient boilers to help reduce energy bills and ensure reliability though the winter months.

Here is a guide to help homeowners

Use a trusted and reliable company with a good reputation. Tradespeople should have PPE and be prepared before entering your home. You shouldn’t have to ask them to wear a mask!
When booking an appointment provide as much information about your requirements as possible. This will help them prepare accordingly and help minimise the time spent at a property. They might even be able to help over the phone.
Always advise a tradesperson if you have been shielding or are particularly vulnerable to the Coronavirus. This includes those with underlying health issues and the elderly
A tradesperson should not be entering your home if they themselves are showing symptoms of the virus. Likewise, if you are experiencing symptoms you should advise the company prior to their arrival and reschedule for another time.
If you suspect a gas leak or have an emergency, then please DO NOT HESITATE in seeking help. Carbon Monoxide can be deadly. It is recommended that gas appliances are well maintained and serviced by a registered gas safe engineer annually.
Always keep a safe distance. Tradespeople should abide by the government guidelines keeping a minimum of 2 meters away.
Avoid sharing objects. A tradesperson will have their own tools and equipment and you should not offer them food or drink.
Keep windows and doors open while the tradesperson is in your home.
You should wipe clean and disinfect the area to help protect tradespeople. For example, cleaning door handles, knobs or light switches. A professional tradesperson will always clean their work space once they have completed a task.


To protect our team and customers we follow the advice of the health authorities and have strict procedures which include:
Before arrival the engineer will call ahead to ensure all is still well for our visit.
On arrival the engineer will introduce themself from a safe distance.
They will then sanitize their hands and put on a mask before entering
They carry relevant cleaning supplies and will clean work space after they have completed a task
Will avoid close contact
Coronavirus: Traders entering your home safely
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If you have any specific concerns or requests regarding visits to your home, our customer service team are here to listen and help.  Please feel free to contact our customer service team on 01628 533 550.

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