Gravity Grand Prix 2019

In order to help raise funds for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, Heppelthwaite the Red Van Plumbers took part in the Gravity Grand Prix on Sunday September 1st 2019.
This year was one of the best yet. The weather was good and the crowds were huge. We arrived at 9.30am, signed in and started to get ready. The Red Van team looked around and it quickly became apparent that the level of competition was high. There were some spectacular karts built for speed and others built for fun.
Gravity Grand Prix 2019 Cookham Dean
Gravity Grand Prix 2019 Cookham Dean

With some nerves kicking in we could not back out now. However, regardless of how quick we would be (or not be), we were there to enjoy ourselves and get involved. By 11.30am, thousands of people started sidelining the roads and taking over any available space. It wasn’t long before we were ready to go.

The Red Van Plumbers kart was number 11 so we managed to watch the first 10 karts set off before us, most of which zoomed off the line and down the hill like professionals. Albeit, there were a couple of karts that didn’t make it very far and ended up crashing out.

Andrew was our driver. He also built the kart (see build here) so by default was the one assigned to drive it, to the relief of many. David was the pusher and more than happy to push Andy down the hill into the unknown. With an impressive running push from David, Andy was rolling down the hill. The first 20-30 yards looked promising, that was until the kart hit a slight incline and almost came to a stop.

Luckily, Phil, our camera guy filming on his skates, was just behind and gave Andy another push, and another and another and another!! Eventually getting to the steep bit where the karts could hit top speeds of 25-30mph. Our Red Van kart reached an epic 11mph

Gravity Grand Prix 2019 Cookham Dean

However, regardless of speed we were loving every minute and laughing the entire way down. The crowd were laughing with us (or at us) but seemed to be enjoying it. The Cookham Gravity Grand Prix crowd were awesome. The atmosphere was brilliant, with all the competitors and event staff also having a good laugh.

The Gravity Grand Prix was one of the best events we have attended and we were very pleased to be a main sponsor of the event. We invited all our staff and their families to attend, as well as our customers and suppliers. Everyone had a great day.

We hope you like the video below and that it inspires you to attend next year. Please help us raise £250 by donating to Thames Valley Air Ambulance via our Just Giving page.





Please remember that we are trying to raise money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance and any donations are greatly appreciated –


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