Water Softener Installation

Benefit from a Dualflo water softener installation
– 24/7 softened water
– Reduce limescale
– Save money on bills

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Hard water problems?

If you live in a particularity hard water area then a Dualflo water softener is a highly recommended product as it reduces limescale. Reducing the limescale will help prolong the life of functional appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine. It will help to reduce costly repairs and saves on energy bills. There are also aesthetic benefits from using a Dualflo to soften water, such as sparkling cutlery and glasses, softer towels and clothes and far softer skin.

Dualflo water softener installation

The Dualflo water softener removes excess minerals from your hard water supply with a special ionising process that uses pure salt water. There are no chemical additives involved and installing a softener will provide a constant stream of naturally softened water. The Dualflo water softener is the trade brand of Harvey Water Softeners, it is compact, economical and reliable.

How it works?

Hard water pumped into your home passes through a bed of resin crystal beads in the unit which capture the limescale and minerals by an ionising process. When the beads become exhausted, they need to be regenerated by flushing through a salt water solution. Because of its technologically advanced design and unique features, Dualflo has more efficient operation than conventional models, which makes it the best performer on the market.

Product range

The Dualflo range of domestic water softeners represents the very latest in water softening technology. Fully WRAS approved, these softeners are designed and manufactured in the UK for British homes. Featuring highly accurate displacement water meters, non-electric technology, twin cylinder capacity and high flow rates, they are suitable for both vented and unvented systems. Coupled with a very compact design (will fit in a standard kitchen cupboard), and the convenience of block salt on the standard model, high quality full-bore fitting kits and unrivalled back-up and support from the factory, these are quite simply THE best water softeners on the market.


dualflo water softener
water softener installation


Our plumbers are fully trained and qualified, furthermore a Dualflow water softener installation comes with up to 2 years warranty and our 30 day workmanship guarantee. Contact us today for a free of charge quotation. 

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