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[bt_cost_calculator currency_after=”yes” m_name=”Mandatory” m_email=”Mandatory” show_next=”yes” admin_email=”” subject=”Online Estimate” accent_color=”#dd3333″ paypal_currency=”GBP” url_confirmation=””][bt_cc_item type=”select” value=”Detached;800;Click Here
Semi-Detached;600;Click Here
Terrace House;400;Click Here
Flat/Apartment;300;Click Here” images=”10203,10204,10205,10206″ img_height=”50″ name=”Type of Property”][bt_cc_item type=”select” value=”Gas;600;Click Here
Oil;850;Click Here
LPG;900;Click Here
Biomass;1000;Click Here
Other? Please Contact Us” name=”Present heat source?” images=”10209,10210,10211,10212″ img_height=”50px”]
[bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number of bathrooms?” value=”0;10;1;50″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number of bedrooms?” value=”0;10;1;100″]
[bt_cc_item type=”select” value=”Yes I have a hot water tank;500;Click Here
Yes but I would like to have it removed;500;Click Here
No I do not have a water tank;0;Click Here
Not sure?;0;Contact us” name=”Water tank required?” images=”10214,10218,10216,10219″ img_height=”50px”][bt_cc_item type=”select” value=”Install it in the same location;300;Click Here
Move it to another location;600;Click Here
Ask Heppelthwaite to advise;0;Click Here” name=”Direct replacement?”]


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