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Landlord fined for CO poisoning tenants

Landlord fined for CO poisoning tenants

The regulator “Gas Safe” have recently produced an article based on a landlord fined for CO poisoning tenants. The family of five suffered carbon monoxide poisoning at their rented home. North Avon Magistrates’ Court heard that on 30 December 2014, the tenant returned home to Burley Grove, Mangotsfield, and turned on the heating.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuting told the court he casing for the boiler was not in place as it had been removed to relight the boiler as the ignition button was not working. The tenants were not aware of the risks created by leaving the case off.

Later that evening five residents fell ill and were taken to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Michael John Bull of Station Road, Coalpit Heath, Bristol admitted to breaching Regulations 36(2)(a) and 36(3)(a) of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, and was fined £2,360 plus full costs of £1,532 were awarded to HSE.

After the hearing Inspector Matthew Tyler said: “It is important that domestic landlords understand and meet their legal obligations to ensure that gas appliances in their tenanted properties are checked for safety annually and regularly serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This case demonstrates that where this is not undertaken that tenant can be exposed to the products of combustion including Carbon Monoxide which in the most serious cases can result in death.”

Dangers are local too!

In 2015 there was a huge explosion in Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire which was the result of a faulty gas appliance. The whole house was completely destroyed and luckily no one was seriously injured or even killed. Read more.

landlord fined for CO poisoning tennants

Know the risks

Home owners, tenants and landlords should take gas safety seriously. Simple measures will prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning and the risk of explosions therefore keeping you and your family safe.

Check out our full article. This includes what to do in an emergency, how to spot the symptoms, how to avoid serious dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning and explosions, what a landlord responsibility is and more.

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