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Solar PV Feed in Tariff reduction

Solar PV Feed in Tariff reduction

The Solar PV feed in tariff (FIT) is being reduced from 12.92 p/kWh down to just 1.63 p/kWh on 1st January 2016. The Government launched the feed in tariff in 2010 to incentivise the up take of renewable energy, since then there has been over 700,000 solar installations in the UK. Solar PV will be the first of the main renewable energy products to have the tariff slashed, however other products will follow suit.

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Have a solar installation completed before 1st January and you’ll receive the higher 12.92p/kWh FIT rate. This means that depending on a number of factors (pitch of the roof, number of panels etc), an installation could provide cash returns of over £7000.

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How Solar PV works

Solar panels generate electricity using the light energy (not the heat energy) from the sun. The panels produce energy from daylight – it doesn’t have to be direct sunlight – so they still produce energy on cloudy or overcast days.

An inverter then converts the electricity from DC to AC, for use in the home. The electricity produced is either used directly in the home, or when the system is producing more power than required, is exported to the grid. At night or at other times when more energy is required, power is supplied from the grid in the normal way.

Solar PV Feed in Tariff reduction

Benefits of Solar PV

  • Generate your own clean and renewable Electricity
  • Receive a tax free, index linked income for all the electricity you product, whether you use it or not.
  • Receive a 7-10% return on your investment, guaranteed for 25 years through the Government ‘Feed in Tariff’ Scheme (FITs)
  • Sell back any electricity you don’t use to your electrical supplier and receive further paybacks.
  • Help support the UK’s carbon reduction targets and reduce your own carbon footprint.
  • Requires almost no maintenance, with panels guaranteed for 25 years.
  • Protection from fluctuating Energy Prices
  • Easy to install on most buildings with no planning restrictions*
  • Minor planning restrictions apply to conservation areas, listed building etc.

Products & Offers

We take great pride in providing the best solution for our customers which is why we have partnered many leading manufactures. There are many contributing factors when choosing a solar system such as orientation, shading, distance, size of panels and look. Our technical experts will provide a FREE OF CHARGE estimate and details on the system recommended.

Solar PV Feed in Tariff reduction

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