Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Panels collect energy from the Sun to heat hot water for the home. This process harnesses a clean and renewable energy source and reduces carbon emissions

How it works

Solar Thermal systems absorb energy from the sun in a Glycol fluid solution which runs through Solar Thermal Panels.

The heated Glycol solution flows from the panels to a Solar Pump Station and then through a coil within the Hot Water Cylinder. This transfers the heat to the domestic hot water for use within the property. The cooled Glycol solution then flows back up to the Panel to collect more solar energy. This continues until all the water within the cylinder has reached the required temperature.

Panels are normally fitted to the roof of a property, but can also be fitted on frames on the ground. When fitted on roofs they can be either ‘In-Roof’ much like a velux window, or ‘On Roof’ fitted slightly above the tiles on brackets.

For times when additional heat is required a second heating coil within the cylinder runs from the Boiler and heats up some of the tank to ensure hot water is always available.


Benefits of Solar Thermal

  • Harness the Suns Energy to produce about 60% of your Hot Water
  • By saving on your fuel bills and receiving an income from the Renewable Heat Incentive*, Solar Thermal is now a viable financial investment
  • Gain free Energy from the sun and minimise your exposure to fluctuating Energy prices
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on Fossil Fuels by using clean, renewable energy from the sun
  • Modern Solar Thermal systems operate effectively in UK climates
  • Easy to install with minimum maintenance.
  • The RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive)

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