Glass Radiators

Designer glass radiators offer ultra modern and aesthetically pleasing central heating improvements. Innovative, energy efficient, sensor controlled, easy to install and slim fit designs make the old traditional radiators a thing of the past.

Glass radiators use infrared technology to produce comfortable, energy-efficient heat. Traditional convector heaters warm the air, but infrared heat is absorbed by surfaces, objects and people within a room so the heat is retained, keeping the room cosy and dry for longer. And because infrared heating keeps dust and bacteria to a minimum, it produces a healthier, cleaner atmosphere making our radiators the ideal solution for medical environments and allergy sufferers. The radiators are extremely durable and are have ultra safe shatterproof glass.

Key Features and Benefits:

• 100% ‘Green’ – made from recycled materials (wet system)
• Innovative touch screen technology
• Beautiful, easy clean, frameless design
• Wide range of colours, shapes and sizes available as standard
• Bespoke sizes, shapes, design and colour finishes to suit your taste
• Easy to install, efficient to run and 100% recyclable
• Horizontal or vertical mounting
• Delivers fast comfortable radiant heat
• Suitable for use with renewable energy products such as solar power
• Sensor controlled for perfectly distributed warmth
• Low energy consumption
• On/Off simplicity (reaches set temperature within five minutes)
• High output (up to 90ºC).
• Low surface temperature settings (43ºC)
• Built in antifreeze function
• Shatterproof – 10mm laminated toughened safety glass (UN12600-IBI)
• Condensation free bathroom mirror radiator
• Infrared heating technology keeps dust and bacteria to a minimum – perfect for all types of medical environments
• The mirrored glass radiator is great for the bathroom as it doesn’t steam up
• Heppelthwaite the Red Van Plumber can supply and install

vertically hung glass radiators
star white glass radiator


Electric radiators incorporate an innovative touch screen control – clear, responsive, illuminated, pre-programmed settings, designed for simplistic comfort. One-touch quickly sets your desired temperature and built in sensors control an even heat output to maintain the room temperature.

glass radiators


Wireless remote control is included for easy 7 day timer programming. All our electric radiators have an antifreeze setting that protects the room from falling below 5-7ºC, plus a useful drying function which switches the unit on for a pre-set time of 2 hours. Their isolation class 2 and IP construction makes them water-resistant so they are perfect for wet rooms and bathrooms, and the triple safety element means that there’s no chance of overheating.

Glass Radiators Electric stats

Wet System

Beautifully designed, sensor controlled and adaptable for all central heating systems, these glass radiators are 100% environmentally friendly, made entirely from recycled materials and ideal as a direct replacement of an existing panel radiator. Powered by an aluminium heat exchanger, the low water content allows it to adapt quickly to changes in temperature. This substantially reduces heating and cooling times making it efficient, economical to run and an ideal option when used with renewable energy systems such as Ground Source Heat pumps. Corrosion- resistant, they are safety tested at 10 bar pressure, the water pressure in your home will normally be well under 5 bar.

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Glass Radiators wet system stats

water heater
Water heater
water heater


There are a range of standard options from different colours to different shapes and sizes to suit all homes and businesses.

Glass radiators

These glass radiators are innovative and are the future. They provide space saving options such as replacing a standard mirror with a mirrored glass radiator. They can also be a towel warmer by purchasing towel rail accessory.

Stunning bespoke designs

Do you have an old ugly radiator but a beautiful home? We offer a tailor-made service where you can personalise the radiator with your own image or logo, you can even specify your own shape, size and colour.

radiator with scenic image
glass radiator
glass radiator


Dressing Gown Hanger: Great for bedrooms, en-suite, dressing rooms. Finished in a brushed stainless steel.

Towel Rail: Ideal when situated in bathrooms – 540 x 50mm or 640 x 50mm. Finished in a brushed stainless steel.

mounting on glass radiator
towel hanging rail on glass radiator


Easy to install, slimline design and supplied ready for either horizontal or vertical mounting.

Both the Electric and Wet System frameless glass radiators are designed for vertical or horizontal wall mounting. The wet system incorporates standard plumbing fittings for a straight forward installation into a new or existing central heating system, or when used as a direct replacement of an existing panel radiator.


The cost of a radiator starts at approx £300+VAT plus installation. Please contact us for a free of charge estimate.

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