Renewable Energy

Heppelthwaite provide “Green Building Solutions” having pulled together the groups wealth of knowledge in this field and operates a dedicated team specialising in offering a range of Renewable Energy Solutions.

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Renewable Energy

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Use your mouse to navigate around the Heppelthwaite house and explore the different Green Building Solutions offered by Heppelthwaite. It’s never been a better time to go green. Government incentive schemes can maximise your financial returns, whilst reducing your carbon emissions.

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Benefits of Green Solutions

  • With Government incentive schemes and reduced energy bills, earn returns on your investment far better than any bank
  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and protect yourself from rising energy prices
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and minimise your impact on the Environment
  • Play an active role in the UK meeting its emissions target and help towards a sustainable future
  • Increase the value and sale potential of your property
  • Be proud to be Green!

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Why Use Renewable

Renewable energy is energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind. A fossil fuel such as oil or gas can not be reused after it is burnt so therefore is not a renewable energy.
People have become too reliant on the use of fossil fuels and that supply is fast running out. The answer to all of these problems is renewable energy. Energy such as solar, wind energy and water power is generated from natural energy sources and unlike fossil fuels, these sources of energy never run out. Using renewable energy helps to protect our planet by reducing the amount of carbon emissions we produce. This source of energy has a much lower impact on the enviroment.
Being energy efficient can also have it’s financial benefits and could reduce your energy bills. Furthermore, there are government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat, which includes the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). Switching to heating systems that use eligible energy sources can help the UK reduce its carbon emissions and meet its renewable energy targets.

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