Surestop Water Switch

The surestop water switch is a great product to have in any home, perfect for landlords and homeowners.


– Helps prevent major financial cost due to water damage.
– Ease of use for elderly or less-abled.
– Replaces difficult to reach and hard to turn brass stopcock.
– Can help prevent home insurance premiums rising.

What is a Surestop water switch?

Thousands of people throughout the UK don’t know where to find the mains water isolation switch and many find that it is too stiff to switch off once they do find it. In an emergency such as a major water leak knowing how to isolate the mains water could save your house from unnecessary water damage. Thanks to Surestop the process has been made a whole lot easier as Surestop allows you to turn off the mains water supply with the flick of a switch.

Surestop Water Switch Installation

  • Surestop remote water switches and stopcocks can be located in an easily accessible position such as just above the worktop or inside a kitchen cupboard door.
  • The products can be installed in under an hour and operates solely on water pressure (no batteries required).
  • Available to fit typical household 15mm or 22mm pipework.
  • The Surestop was invented in the UK and is manufactured in Birmingham using components from UK suppliers.
  • Since 1999, hundreds of thousands have been sold.
  • Specified by over 250 different local authorities and housing associations.

How does the Surestop water switch work?

The Surestop water switch (stopcock) is a WRAS approved switch alternative to the brass stopcock. The valve is connected to the ‘remote switch’ by twin-bore flexible tubing. The tubing takes a very small bleed of water from the mains flow, up to the switch on the wall and back into the main stream within your pipe work. When the ‘remote switch’ is changed from the ‘on’ position to the ‘off’ position the flow back from the ‘remote switch’ to the valve is stopped, pushing the flow back on itself, creating higher pressure on the diaphragm top than that within the main flow, closing the valve completely.

Approved installers

Our customers can benefit from having a Surestop water switch professionally installed by our qualified plumbers. Furthermore, customers will be provided with a 2 year product warranty and our 30 day workmanship guarantee.

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surestop water switch
surestop water switch
Surestop Water Switch February 16, 2018