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Our engineers are fully qualified and trained to provide services on a range of heating cylinders.

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Unvented Cylinder Service

It is highly recommended that you have an annual cylinder service to ensure safety and to prevent nasty repair bills. If you still have a boiler warranty, then make sure you check the small print as it may be a requirement to have an annual service to validate the warranty. The Red Van Plumbers have undertaken thousands of cylinder services for homeowners, landlords and commercial properties.
If you have a boiler too then we recommend getting the boiler and cylinder serviced at the same time, you would save £30 off the total amount for combining the 2 services.


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What to expect

There are many different types of cylinder services so it’s always worth checking what you’re getting. Heppelthwaite the Red Van Plumbers offer a comprehensive service that takes approx 1 hour (depending on manufacturer’s guidelines).
A cylinder service is a visual inspection and does not require the stripping down or dismantling of the cylinder.
  • Test the expansion relief valve functions correctly
  • If applicable, test the temperature
  • Check for leaks
  • Check pressure and top up pressure of expansion vessel where necessary
  • Check for any visual corrosion or damages
  • Check electrical bonding and connection to earth
  • Provide a service report


As part of our service we provide you with a full report and also send a reminder for your next cylinder service. Please note that not all cylinder services are the same. However, we follow the manufacture guidelines which may differ from the above.

SAVE £££

Save £30 when combining a boiler service

If you have a boiler too then it’s recommend you have this serviced at the same time as a cylinder service, combining the 2 services will save you £30 off the total amount. If you’d like a boiler service at the same time then simply book the 2 services together and we’ll automatically provide a discount. Please click below to discover what a boiler service is.

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