Smart Heating Controls

Smart Heating Controls

Smart heating controls allow users to remotely control their central heating systems.
Save on energy bills
Reduce your carbon footprint
Operate remotely via mobile, tablet or pc
Perfect for holiday home owners and those that care for elderly relatives

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Smart Heating Controls

From £322+VAT installed

Smart heating controls are internet connected programmable controls for central heating and hot water. Smart heating controls can be operated remotely by using devices such as a smart phone, tablet or a PC. The smart heating controls link up to the boiler to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of wasted heat by having better control. There are different set ups available such as a multi-zone kit, an example of the multi-zone kit can be seen in the Honeywell section below (please note that the multi-zone is also available for the Worcester Wave and Nest systems).
Smart heating controls are really useful if there is a requirement for controlling the heating remotely, for example if you are caring for a less abled or elderly person, are away on holiday and forgot to turn your heating off or rent a property that requires the heating to be switched off in-between tenants. The smart heating controls are also very good if your at a place of work or returning to your home after a holiday and would like to return to a cosy house.

Total control wherever you are!

Coming back from a holiday? Forget to turn your heating down? Want to get home to a nice warm house? Caring for an elderly person?
Whatever the reason, a smart heating control provides the ultimate control of your central heating.


There are a number of different smart control options, here are 3 of the top brands.

Professional Installation

System Set Up

TRV’s are connected to radiators, a control (programmer) is used to instruct the boiler where to distribute heat within the home. This is the same set up as a standard system however the difference is that you don’t need to be at home to control the heating, you can do it via your mobile, tablet or pc.
Smart heating control


The installation of smart heating controls is not a complex operation for an experienced plumber, as modern valves and controls are designed to fit direct replacements or involve minimal work setting up. In some cases there maybe requirements to alter pipe work, plus the system may need to be isolated and drained down before any work is undertaken. It would take a qualified plumber approximately half a day to a full day to install a smart thermostat heating control system, the amount of time would depend on the the size of property and number of valves being fitted.

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