Water Conservation

Water Conservation

The Red Van Plumbers are passionate about green technologies; we offer a full range of solutions through our sister company, Eveco.

Water conservation is an essential element to saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. There are a number of brilliant solutions that reduce water consumption, including low flush toilets, and aerated taps & showers. These great products have been developed to reduce water usage and wastage, without compromising high performance.

The Benefits of Using Water Conservation Devices

  • Reduced water bills for homes and commercial properties on meters.
  • Cost-effective installation & simple installation, no complications.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and protect future water supply.

Water conservation is a massive issue, but everybody must play an individual part to ensure that we improve our worldwide water wastage. There are a number of small-scale lifestyle changes that can be made to use water wisely, and adding cost-effective water saving technology into our homes and commercial properties really helps with the overall cause.

10 Every Day Water Conservation Tips

  • Turn off water while you wash your hair in the shower, and you could save up to 150 gallons every month.
  • Keeping your shower time down to less than five minutes saves a massive amount of water.
  • Keep a jug of drinking water in the fridge so you don’t lose a drop from the tap.
  • As you wait for your water to heat up, collect the cold water and use it to water your houseplants.
  • Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
  • Only use your washing machine and dishwasher when they are full.
  • Reuse towels rather than washing every time.
  • Properly soak all your pots and pans, so that you don’t need to run water while you scrape them clean.
  • You can effectively wash darker clothes in cold water, which also maintains their colour.
  • Wash your dog outside, on an area of your lawn that needs water.

For more information about our Water Conservation products, please get in touch with Eveco today.



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